Committee Meeting – 28th January 2013

Minutes of Committee Meeting Held on

28th January 2013, 30 Cadbury Farm Road, Yatton


Rosie Kendall (Chair), Andrea Johns (Play Leader), Nici Kennard, Yvonne Belcher, Sue Fuller, Gill Harwood, Sarah Lugg & Deborah Guest


Claire Webber & Glenda Hagger

The minutes from the December’s Committee Meeting were agreed by all with only one item carried forward which was the purchase of IKEA chopping boards as these haven’t been purchased yet. If anyone is planning a trip please can contact be made with Yvette for details so these can be purchased.

Chairs Report

Confirmation that the Electrician has been booked for the 6th February to review the Bathroom light, playroom light and cupboard lights.

Rosie has been looking into our compliance contract with the school i.e. maintenance of fire alarms, burglar alarm, fire escapes, fire equipment servicing and how much it would cost proportionally for us to combine with the school. Rosie will discuss further with Sylvia Holliman to confirm costing and report back.

Mr Rowland, school caretaker, has been asked to review the guttering at the back of the pre-school as it is leaking down the school wall. Andrea will ask if he has managed to look at this since Christmas and if not will ask him to do this.

Policy Review

Andrea has requested that we hold a special meeting to get up to date with the policy reviews and this will be held on the 21st February 2013, 8.00 pm at Rosie’s house.

Pre-School Matters

A Thank You was given on behalf of the staff for their Christmas presents.

The school have cleared out the contained in the playground where we store some items. The large red sandpit table still needs to be disposed of which is covering the sun umbrella’s but these will then require some sort of tarp/cover to protect them during storage from the proposed farm food and hay which will be stored in this container in the future. YB may have a tarp we could have, if not then she will look into costing for a new one.

Mr Rowland is coming to review the hot water on the 29th January.

There were concerns on the Friday “snow day” as the school was closed but pre-school was open and Andrea had no way of being able to lock the school gates for safety of the children attending. RK will discuss the situation with Sylvia Holliman about whether we can have keys to be able to do this in future.

There are also concerns that the Fire Alarm controls are also inside the school and should the pre-school trigger these for any reason we have no access to re-set this and there is currently no contact of who to call should this happen. Obviously this is only valid on days the school is closed. RK to discuss this further with the school.

There are still repairs outstanding to the shelf, mop and cabinet. It is understood Colin may be off sick at present but DG will make contact with him to see when he is able to do this.

The under floor heating in the lobby needs to be addressed as it is too cold in there. Suggestions were raised that maybe the large mats may be blocking some of the head and also the large windows are likely to be loosing us some heat too. Therefore Blinds were recommended and the details of measurements will be obtained from Glenda and YB will obtain further quotes for these.

Someone had made an enquiry via the website but the email had not been picked up. Therefore emails will be re-directed to NK’s home email to ensure these are acted upon quickly and efficiently – Already actioned by SF.

Gill Harwood has been appointed “fundraising liaison” as there is no daily contact to any fundraisers on the committee and Andrea is concerned money and orders are hanging around. It was felt this was a more efficient system. Thank you Gill.

Waitrose have very kindly donated some of their used Christmas Decorations to the pre-school. NK has offered to store if needed.

Music training happened again and this is being enjoyed by children and staff. There is one further session planned with instruments and the possibility of a celebration event in the summer but the decision is still awaited as to which school will be hosting this event, hopefully it will be Court de Wyck but we will wait and see.

Health & Safety

The purchase of the step ladder is being organised via screwfix and therefore allowing Easy Fundraiser to donate to our cause, hopefully this will be soon, YB to action.

Electrical Manuals have been reviewed and a list will be generated about what needs to be done when as a quick reference guide, YB to action.

An electrician has been found but we are always looking for names of plumbers and electricians who have commercial cover for any jobs required. Any names of people / companies with this insurance would be gratefully received.

It is believed our light system is one which is referred to as a “plug and play” system allowing relatively easy access to any problems in the future.


Sutton Seeds and Yellow Moon catalogues will be out this week for orders.

The Easter Egg Hunt has been booked for the 21st March at Cleeve Village Hall. Volunteers for Sandwiches and kitchen duties would be greatly appreciated from 10 – 12 pm. A signup sheet will go in the foyer as well as a bag note and details will be placed in the newsletter. YB has offered to make scones and RK & NK will make cakes for sale to the parents although donations will be grateful received from anyone.

Curry & Quiz night is on the 15th March at Claverham Village Hall at 7.30 pm. Helen Hicks has offered to do the tickets and GH has offered to set up – more offers please.

May Day Fair at Claverham on 6th May (Bank Holiday) where we will be doing the usual cake store – Donations for the stall required – Sign up sheet and bag notes to be sorted.

Quiz night at the Plough in Congresbury is still awaited. The dates for 2013/14 will be released in October so hopefully we will be able to get one of those.

Smartie Tubes will be out during Half Term.

Peg Bags raised approximately £70.00 so thank you to all who purchased these.

Phoenix card catalogue will be out in March for anybody who wishes to purchase with funds to the pre-school from Rosie.

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